Control radiators with oh2 in my knx system

Hello everybody,

I have an MDT heating actuator (Aktoren) and normal actuators (Stellantriebe) on the radiators.

For temperature query and control I’m using currently on Glastaster II of MDT.

I can already see the temperature in openhab. However, I have not found any approach to my following wishes:

  1. Set temperature in oh2 smartphone app
  2. Heating times (23 o’clock heating off, 6 o’clock again). You should be also customize the timeframe in the smartphone app.

Thanks for your tips


  1. Assuming you are using a Number Item for the temp, you must create a sitemap and use either a Slider or a Setpoint element to put that Item on the sitemap.

  2. This isn’t easy to achieve in OH… You need to do something like this or use the CalDav binding and set your schedule using a calendar program like Outlook or Google Calendar.

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Well, you are very keen in getting infos to that, as you posted this question at least in three forums…

Maybe it would be better to wait at least a few hours if someone wrote an answer :wink:

And the answer is the same here… as a first step, you will have to define Items which refer to the communication objects of your MDT room thermostat so you are able to control it.