Control RWE thermostat with Setpoint


I’m new to the openHAB and I’m not a programmer, so please don’t be too hard with me :slight_smile:

I want to include my RWE Smarthome and would like to be able to set the temperature.
Right now I only see the set temperature.

Do you have a hint how the code in both files, items and sitemap, should look like?

The setpoint control should initially read the set temperature and if it will be changed, it should set the temperature to the new one.

Or maybe it’s even possible to show the “Solltemp” NUMBER item with the control arrows?

Thanks in advance,

See the RWE Binding wiki page for details.


Number Thermostat { rwe="id=<logical-device-id>,param=settemperature" }


Setpoint item=Thermostat label="Thermostat [%d]" icon="temperature" minValue="10" maxValue="30" step="1"

Change <logical-device-id> to the appropriate value. Change the minValue and maxValue to appropriate values.

The Setpoint will put two arrows on the sitemap, pressing the up arrow will increase by 1, pressing down will decrease by 1. If you want to increase or decrease by more change step.


OK seems I missed that point.
Thanks, that seem to work so far!

Only one more question: If I do it like this, the setpoint control is shown at the root, not in the group living room.
Is it possible to show in inside of the group?


You can’t do it by groups. When using Groups on the sitemap it will only use the default widgets for the Item type which I think is Text for Number Items.

You will need to create a Frame and list all of the Items individually that are part of that group inside the Frame.

OK I think I understand.

Thanks a lot!