Control "Slide" from Innovation in motion

Hi, I am using slides from Does anyone know if this could be connected to my OpenHAB installation? So far I cannot find a post about this.


It can be connected to your OH but you will have to do quite a lot of it yourself. I don’t believe there’s a binding for these, but they have published their cloud API so you can follow their documentation and use the http binding to gain control. You might be better off just waiting a for a little while, however, as they also say that very soon they will publish a local api which will presumably be a little easier to use as authentication will be less of an issue.

I was affright so. Their “coming soon” is a bit of an understatement, I better not count on that planning (I know from experience :wink: )

Besides, must admit programming on a api is not (at this point anyway) something I have experience with.