Control Somfy io or Velux windows with KLF 200 and HTTP binding


I’ve created a little stand-alone service for the KLF 200 that allows to control io-homecontrol devices like roller shutters or garage door openers via the http binding.

I’ve posted some information about it here:

As I’ve seen that people are sometimes struggling with io-homecontrol and Somfy devices (like Dexxo or Oximo), I decided to publish this (which was more about practicing Python) though I’m foreseeable not going to be able to maintain regularly due to a lack of time.

Hope it helps someone when looking for a solution.

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Welcome to the openHAB Communtiy Werner :heart:

First of all thanks for sharing this information!

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Hi Werner,

This sounds interesting. What firmware versions of the KLF 200 does this tool need, does it work with both 1.x and 2.x versions or only one of them? (Maybe add this to the documentation.)



It works with the current v2 firmware. I recently got to the KLF 200 and it was delivered with v2 firmware.

I use the pyvlx project for the actual communication with the box. For me it works to control my Somfy Oximo io shutter motors and garage door opener Dexxo io. Also the status updates work, though it’s not always immediate.

In my OpenHAB setup I send all commands (UP,DOWN,STOP,position) via { http="[ >http… ] } in the Item definitions, while for the status updates I have a rule that triggers every minute and makes a request to the /devices endpoint which returns all devices and their position (if available and not unknown), so not every device itself polls the service individually but it’s a bulk update and less resource intensive. This way I get with a short delay also the info, if the shutter or garage door was operated by a Somfy smoke 1 io switch and not through OpenHAB.

I figured that there should be a regular (1 minute) poll, to avoid that the KLF drops the connection and refuses a reconnect. It’s working stable for me since about a week this way and I can control my Somfy devices as I did before with the Tahoma binding.

I just published it in the hope it helps others with the same issues to figure out their way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated! I am currently still on FW v1 and am a bit hesitant to change since my system works and I have heard about some issues with the v2 installations and the direct binding for OpenHAB. But at least your solution provides an alternative for people with v2 devices. Thanks!


I’ve got the KLF200 module on v2.0 but am unable to learn the screens I have. How does one do that?