Control Somfy Shutters witch "Device"

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On my office we have some Shutters from Somfy, the Wireless Version. Now i google and see multiple Products to Connect my Openhab (Running on a Pi) with Somfy. But i am Not sure witch gateway is the way to go. Do you have any recommendations?

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Which wireless protocol do the shutters have?

RTS or io-homecontrol?

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Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know, is there a easy way to find it out ?

You can find the logo on the back side of your remote control.

Hey Alex, Thanks once More for the Feedback … Its the left one.

With io-homecontrol you have the choice of 4 different gateways:

Somfy TaHoma:

Somfy Connexoon io:

Somfy Connectivity Kit:

Velux KLF 200:

For the first 3 you can use the SomfyTaHoma Binding:

For the last one you can use the Velux Binding:

I use the last one, the Velux KLF 200. It uses LAN and Wifi, no internet connection and no cloud service are neccessary.

Tahoma, Connexoon and Connectivity Kit need an internet connection and somfy cloud services to run.

I do not know, if the Somfy gateways are running reliable, because I have no experience.

My last Velux KLF 200 was running for 2 1/2 years without any problems, then the hardware crashed. So I bought a new one.

Maybe other users can share their experience with the 3 Somfy gateways here.

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Hey Alex,

First, thanks for the Reply, i think the benefits:

LIke it! I will organize the KLF 200. Thanks for your Help.

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Hey @Celaeno1 so i got the Box, wohoo, now i search for some Hints to connect the Shutters :slight_smile: In case you read this may you have some insides :wink:

Well this thing makes me all ready angry :wink: Get IP over lan, Webservice not reachable… Restart Many Times. I guess i can setup the KLF200 over Ethernet. Firmware is the latest on it.

A other question, do i need to add the Somfys on the box and then trigger over openhab or can i setup the Items direct ?

If your shutters behave like mine, then simply press the “Prog” button on the back of the remote control for 3 seconds. The roller shutter “winks” with a short up and down movement. Then the roller shutter is in pairing mode (for approx. 10 min)

Then click on “Search for products” in the KLF 200.

The search should now report “1 products found”.

Please give the product you found a meaningful name, without spaces or special characters. e.g. ShutterKitchen

Please wait 10 minutes before proceeding with the next roller shutter because the previous one may still be in pairing mode.

Yes, they have to be added to the KLF 200 and later in OpenHAB after you have all the roller shutters in the KLF 200.

Please also read the docu:

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Thanks for the Reply, i struggle all ready on the Setup, can’t access the Wizzard my network only over the Wifi from the box, adding don’t work i follow your manual step by step …

Configuration and accessing http://klf200.velux and then “Search for products” only works via Wifi connection to KLF200.

Also see here: VELUX INTEGRA KLF 200 KURZANLEITUNG Pdf-Herunterladen | ManualsLib

Hey Alex, Try my best. So config over ther INternal Wifi only, Usage for Openhab then over Ethernet? i am a bit unlucky with the Setup. I press the Button on the Remote for round 3 Sec, the Shutter winkt. then i press search. nothing found. Need to be the “Rollo” next to the device or the Remote?

Yes, correct.

No, you don’t have to be close, but not far away for more than 30 meters.

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Were your shutters paired to other controllers (TaHoma, Connexoon, etc.) before? How many remote controls are paired to the same shutter?

Do you have a manual for the configuration of your remote control? What shutter models / remote controls do you have?

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I don’t know :frowning: i am new at this bulding. i only disklike that we have to run arround to move Shutters. There is only one Remote for each Shutter but maybe there are more.

I got one sucessfull Connection to one shutter by set it to paring mode over the Power connection.

Some important tips…

  • On the KLF do not connect anything to the Ethernet port.
  • Power off the KLF and turn it on again.
  • For a few minutes (only) the KLF provides its own private wifi access point
  • Connect your mobile device to that private wifi access point (you may need to disable your mobile device from auto reconnecting to your normal house wifi so it wont try to flip to your house network)
  • On that mobile device open the link http://klf200.velux and ‘search for devices’

As @Celaeno1 mentioned, if your shutters had already been connected to some other system/hub, then you may need to factory reset them to remove any memory of that prior system.

And after the devices are in your KLF then also remember the following.

  • Connect the ethernet cable to the KLF
  • Power the KLF off and on again
  • This time do NOT connect any mobile device to the KLF private wifi access point (because that will disable the ethernet port).
  • Install the OH binding and device discovery should start automatically.

NOTA BENE: in OH, normal Velux devices are configured via the Velux serial number; but Somfy devices have serial number (00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00) so they are configured in OH instead via its name (i.e. this is the name you give to the device when you first enter it in the KLF via the KLF private wifi access point).

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Ehm i am able to Connect to the Device, and i found out that a soon the ETH is connected the WIFI connection brake. So far, so good.

I think i need to Reset the schutter to Factory

Be careful while doing that.
If you have to reset your shutters via switching a fuse (2 sec OFF → 10 sec ON → 2 sec OFF → ON) and there are more than one shutters switched by the same fuse, then all shutters will be reseted at the same time and pairing again the same remote control is difficult!
So just press the “My” button on each shutters remote control which should not be reset at this time!

Best thing would be: Power off all shutters that should not be reseted and power on only the shutter that should be reseted.

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Hey Alex, Thanks for the Reply, lucky me, i can access the Power connection for each Shutter :slight_smile: But the end Position of the Shutter are not broken Right ?

Thanks for Feedback