Control Underfloor Heating System with MAX! Thermostat solution


Does anybody integrate MAX! Thermostat and MAX! Cube LAN Gateway in an water based Underfloor Heating System. I want to be able to modify the Thermostat Setpoint temperature of each room (4 rooms) via Openhab and from MAX! Thermostat Device and also to change the Thermostat Modes (Auto, Manual, Comfort).
Until now I achieved a Heating System that is controlled excursively via Openhab. I’m using a relay, and GPIOs of RP3 to send a signal (ON/OFF) to remotely controllable electric valves and heater pump. The Rooms Temperature is provided by z-waves sensors… I can change the setpoint of each rooms by using the Openhab Android application.
I’m looking now to extend my system with a physical thermostat in each rooms. I want to be able to control the rooms temperatures via Openhab and also via physical thermostat.
The cheapest solution that is already integrated in OH (MAX! binding) is provided by MAX! company.
I bought a MAX! Cube and 4 x MAX! thermostat yesterday and I tried to integrate in my system. Unfortunately I found 2 possible major issues:

  • in all 3 solution provided (MAX! Radiator solution, MAX! Room solution, MAX! House Solution) a MAX! Radiator is involved. After some tests I concluded that a MAX! Radiator is mandatory for a functional solution. I was not able to change the Thermostat Mode/SetPoint/Heating Schadule via MAX! software or Mobile Application.
    MAX! Cube Operation Manual:
  • because I want to control all the thermostats from each room, the MAX! House Solution It should be implemented. But in this solution all settings of connected devices in the house can be made via the MAX! software. And as far as I sow, not directly via MAX! Thermostat (physical Thermostat). Maybe because of MAX! Radiators missing… Hope I’m wrong…
    Wall Thermostat operation manual:

The questions now are:

  1. It is possible to use this solution without MAX! Radiators.
  2. If the answer of the first question is affirmative can I control the GPIO of the raspberry pi with the Max! Thermostat (via MAX! Cube) by setting up a rule through OpenHAB?
  3. Do you know an alternative solution that will fit a low budget ? I was looking to Z-wave thermostats, because I already use this technology, but is more expensive and I don’t have many options (I’m not happy with the design. Looks to classic :)). Only one option that I sow:

Thank you very much,

Is the

Not what your are looking for? The behave like radiator devices, but instead switch power (pump)

There seems to be also a new device called Max! Boiler Controller, which send to have relais for switching instead of switching 220v

Thank you for your suggest. I will have a look on this product …