Control when writing data to influxdb starts

Is it possible to disable writing data to influxdb until I’m sure OH started correctly?

Not really. You could create a rule that triggers at runlevel 40 that disables the InfluxDB Thing and then reenables it at runlevel 100, but there’s no guarantee that the InfluxDB Thing has even been loaded and initialized at runlevel 40 and you can’t necessarily predict when it will be loaded.

Thanks this is something to try.
But how do I disable the InfluxDB thing? I don’t have any InfluxDB thing. Where can I find it/how to access it? I never disabled a binding from dsl rule.

Oh, that’s right, InfluxDB doesn’t get configured through a Thing. So that ideal won’t work.

Well, that’s because you can’t. You’ll have to use one of the other languages. Even Blockly would work. But since there is no Thing the whole thing is moot anyway.

The only other approach I can think of is to disable these Items from Persistence entirely. Then create a Rule to call .persist('influxdb') on the Item when the Item changes. Then you can use Delay Start [;] to disable this rule ar runlevel 40 and reenable it at runlevel 100 plus some time buffer.

Probably the best approach would be to figure out why you are getting bad data during OH startup in the first place and address the root of the problem.