Since the release of 388 when I select control in the Paper UI, it flashes some of the items and then goes to a blank screen. There are no error codes displayed in the browser nor do I see any errors being recorded in the log files. The browser is FireFox 47.0 on Windows 10.

There is an OH2 startup issue at present that might be related. Try stopping and restarting OH2.

Mike. Thanks for the idea but even several restarts did not solve it. I see the page momentarily populated before going blank which leads me to believe the data is available but it appears as though something is refreshing the page and wiping out the initial page load.

Maybe there is an issue with the cache of your browser - at least I had more than once the situation, that the page didn’t refresh correctly, and when I flushed the browser cache, everything started to work normally.

Udo. Thanks for the idea. I closed all instances of Firefox, restarted it and flushed the cache, closed it again and opened a private browsing instance but still experienced the same behavior. I then started Openhab version (372) and using the same browser instance had no problems.