Controlling 433MHz devices via Arduino WITHOUT MQTT

Hi everyone,

I have an 433MHz tranceiver attached to an Arduino Nano that I use to control some devices. I would love to integrate this into openHAB. Now, I’ve read quite a few posts using the MQTT binding for communicating with their arduino, but I do not have an ethernet shield. I would like for my Arduino to be connected to a raspberry pi and communicate via USB (just using the serial connection?)

Is there any binding that can achieve something like that? Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks a lot,


There is a serial binding but honestly I would write code on your Raspberry Pi external to openHAB and expose it to openHAB at a higher level using MQTT, the Exec binding, or the HTTP Binding.

I ended up using a (slightly modified) version of - it’s really a 30-minute-job do make your arduino do whatever you like with it. :blush:

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