Controlling a danfoss underfloor heating

We just moved to a new apartement with a danfoss underfloor heating.
This heating is so slow that usually I have the feeling it’s heating from 9 pm to 01 am, instead of the daytime.

As the Apartement is rented, changing some actors withing the central heating steering is not an option. However these termostats are just mounted by with tape to the walls in each room so the heating seems to be controlled by radio already, so it should not be too hard exchanging the senders.

Any Idea how I could control the underfloor heating with openhab? As I said changing something in the heating’s central control is not an option, but e.g. exchanging the thermostats in each room would be possible.

Well you can hook your valves to any radio actuator (ZWave, ZigBee, Shellys, …).
Point is how the heater and pumps work.
If it is programmed to have a lower target temperature at night it won’t help to open the valves early in the morning. Do you have thermostat with a wire or radio contact over there to call for heat?

All in all, I rather would not mess with HVAC in your setup. I can in my house but there I can access+modify the way the central unit and pumps work.