Controlling a De'Longhi PAC EL112 air conditioner

I’ve recently bought a De’Longhi PAC EL112 air conditioner which I wanted to include into my smart home system, e.g. by automatically activating it once the temperature rises and deactivating it if there’s no need for cooling.

The manufacturer warns to pull the plug instead of shutting the device down via the respective button / remote control since some kind of cleanup operations have to be performed. Yes, the device comes with a remote control, but it is Bluetooth powered, see’Longhi%20PAC%20EL112.pdf where it say “Die CST-Fernbedienung basiert auf der Bluetooth® Low Energy Kommunikation mit dem Pinguino-Gerät”.

I found some hints on a MQTT bridge for De’Longhi, but not for Bluetooth. Do you have any suggestions on how to integrate it?

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not sure if this will help you straight away with your De’Longhi air conditioner, but I control several Bluetooth devices in my setup with the exec binding and sending commands by using Bluetooth gatttool directly from my Raspberry Pi 4’s built in Bluetooth.

While I have many other MQTT devices, mainly self-built Arduino based devices, no MQTT is needed for this interaction.

The above mentioned exec binding solution might be the easiest, with the hard part being finding the appropriate commands somewhere online, or sniffing them out yourself.

All the best with your project.

Thanks for the hint! Do you have good getting started guides for working with gatttool? I’ve never used Bluetooth from my Raspi…

This is a general introduction I found quickly through Google


bluetoothd -v

you can see which version of BlueZ you already have on your Pi, and can possibly skip the tools installation section and skip straight to the Scan For Bluetooth Low Energy Devices section.

Hope this gets you started in the right direction, or helps you google for some more specific De’Longi gatttool possibilities.

I’ve experimented a bit, but first I did not get a successful connection to any of my Bluetooth devices. More important: I could not find anyone who has worked on De’Longhi communication with air conditioners – since I’m no expert in reverse engineering Bluetooth communication, I think I’ve to switch to a different (less nice) solution.

Thanks anyway for your help!

I’m sorry to hear that, I googled a bit as well and only found a lot of results for bluetooth communications with De’Longhi coffee machines :frowning: nothing for air conditioners.

All the best.

Thanks for your help anyway!

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