Controlling a Samsung Tizen TV Using the Apple Home App

Hello Friends,
I’m running OpenHAB 4.1.1 as a docker container on Unraid and it’s working great, so far.
I realized today that it’s possible to add a Samsung TV to OpenHAB in a way for the TV to be controlled using the Apple Home app.
To achieve this, I added my Samsung TV to OpenHAB as a Thing using the Samsung TV add-on, and I created items connected to the corresponding TV Thing channels.
However, when I want to add the relevant Homekit metadata accessory characteristics to the items I created, I can’t find any of the Television characteristics presented on the Homekit integration help page
Are these accessory characteristics not enabled for some reason?
Hope someone can help :pray:

In all likelihood the UI just hasn’t been updated yet. The developers who maintain the homekit integration are not the same who implement the UI and sometimes the two fall out of sync.

You can click the code tab and enter any arbitrary metadata you need if the UI doesn’t support everything that the integration supports. It would be a good idea to file an issue on the UI to get these in sync though.

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Thank you very much, Rich, as always :pray::pray:
I will try to add the metadata info straight into the code.