Controlling a Somfy RTS sunscreen - RFLink or RFXtrx433E?

Hi, I have a new Somfy RTS sunscreen with 3 channels (2 different motors, 1 channel controlling both) which I want to control with my existing openHAB2 installation. From what I’ve read it seems there are two options for accomplishing this:

  • RFXtrx433E hardware with the RFX binding (~105€)
  • RFLink hardware with the RFLink binding (~50€)

As the second solution is cheaper I’d prefer this one. Has anybody any experiences with the RFLink? How can the different channels be controlled? Pair each separately with a different ID? Also the “combined” channel?

Thanks in advance for any experiences.

The RFXtrx433E transmits at 433.42MHz, the Somfy RTS frequency. The range will be greather and no signal disturbance by 433.92MHz transmitters.

There is also a 433.42 MHz variant of the RFLink so this should not be the point.

I’m using RFLInk with Somfy RTS. Works fine. Easy to setup.

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Thanks for the feedback, sounds good. How are different channels on one remote handled? Program each channel separately with an own unique ID?

See this link (sorry in french) :

Thanks but I’ve already read how the pairing process works in general. It’s just I couldn’t find out how the different channels of my 5-channel remote are configured (this is also not described in your link). But I think I’ll figure that out as soon as I get my RFLink.

The difference is that you only need one RFXtrx433E for 433.92MHz, Somfy RTS at 433.42MHz and the MCZ pellet stove at 434.50MHz

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Some MCZ pellet stove avec 868MHz Radio (like mine !)