Controlling Bluetooth Mesh Light Switches Through Alexa

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for some advice. I am trying to find a way to control Bluetooth mesh light switches through OpenHAB. These are Halo Home switches and I have the Halo Hub. I can control these switches with the Halo Home app. These switches can also be controlled through Alexa (which I have) and IFTTT. I can’t find a binding to control these switches, so my thought is to control them through Alexa or IFTTT. Basically, create an automation rule in OpenHAB that when triggered would send a signal to Alexa and let her turn the light switches on/off. Does this sound feasible? Is there a better approach?

I am new to OpenHAB and my background is in Mech Engineering - not computer programing, so the learning curve has been steep over the last few months. I am running OpenHAB 2.4.0 (OpenHabian install) on a RPi4.


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Have you installed the Amazon Echo control binding? Release Candidate and Support: Amazon Echo Control Binding

You will not be able to use IFTTT with openhab cloud due to server overload. If IFTTT is needed you will need to run it on your own cloud server.

Yes this works good with OH as I use it more several items/devices.

This is now an old version and you may want to upgrade to the latest OH 2.5 release.

Possibly Alexa, but not IFTTT.
You can no longer add Items to myopenhab cloud for IFTTT control due to abuse causing excessive load and stability issues.

Thanks. I was able to get the Amazon Echo Control Binding to work by setting up a routine in Alexa and activation the routine by sending a command with the binding.

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