Controlling Brink / Wolf Ventilation unit witz Opentherm Gateway and -Binding

Does anybody know if it is possible to control a Brink resp. Wolf Ventilation unit with the Opentherm Gateway and Opentherm Binding? The unit itself has an Opentherm Interface, but I‘m not sure if you can control the device by the Opentherm Gateway.


Hi @drchandra, if the ventilation unit has an opentherm interface, then it should be possible to monitor or even control it through the opentherm gateway. I don’t have any experience with this particular unit so I can’t tell you for sure. The OTGW’s are not that expensive though… you could consider to order one and give it a go.

If the OTGW works, then the opentherm gateway binding from openHAB will also work, as long as the gateway can be connected to through a network connection. Either with a RS232 to ethernet converter, something like ESP8266 or NodeMCU or even a Ser2Net.

If you give it a try, let me know if you run into any issues with the binding. It was developed with the main focus on boilers so we might need to add or tweak something to make it work for ventilation units.

Thank you very much! I‘ll try it - although I‘m not an engineer but a simple trauma surgeon. I ordered the OTGW already and as soon as it‘s running I‘ll post my experiences. Maybe I‘ll need some help.

Michael Hax