Controlling Eurotronic Spirit thermostat using association

I have some Eurotronic Spirit thermostats. Now I’m trying to configure my window sensor, a Fibaro FGDW002, to send on/off command to the thermostat via direct association.
The nice thing about the Fibaro window sensor is that you can configure the on/off commands to be sent, so I chose 0x0F when opening and 0xFF when closing. Unfortunately the thermostat doesn’t react in the desired way - it doesn’t change mode.
Has anyone managed to change thermostat mode (OFF vs Heating) using direct associations? Any recommendations?

The Spirit has just one association and this is the controller.
So you would have to go via a rule.
The Spirit has also an open window detection, mine are working fine as the radiators are mounted directly under the windows.

That’s a pity.
Thanks for the feedback.

Interesting idea. You would have to add the Node ID of your TRV to Association Group #2 of your FGDW002.

Then I see two problems:

  1. Does your TRV support the BASIC_SET command sent by your FGDW002?
  2. Your TRV is a FLiRS device, but nevertheless it might miss the BASIC_SET command. Does your FGDW002 resend it if it doesn’t get ack’d by your sleepy TRV?

AFAIK the association groups of the receiving node don’t matter in this scenario.