Controlling garage door via Google Assistant


I’ve got my garage door control running for ages including Alexa. Now in the age of Android Auto (w/o Alexa integration) I would like to expose that function to Google Assistant.

Some context about how the door is controlled right now because it’s NOT a rollershutter. The motor physically just reacts on push button events and inverts directions with every push.
That means that in OH I just have a simple switch

Switch garage_control "Garagentor" (Switches, gGaragentor) ["Switch"] {alexa="Switchable", ga="Switch", channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node10:switch_binary", autoupdate="false"}

Right now I don’t have a rule in place to reset the switch state immediately. The push button behavior is implemented in the zwave device right now. So the ON command just triggers a push button signal and the zwave switch state is set back to OFF which is reported back to OH within a very short time and works fine with OH’s app and Alexa.
When I integrated Google it keeps the ON state for a relatively long time which means when I want to “stop” the door for whatever reason I have to click (or speak) twice. I was hoping that autoupdate=false would help but it didn’t.

Any hints on how I can convince Google to behave like a push button instead of a normal switch?


You could use the metadata expire on the switch item to turn off after 1 second?

Below is one I have for 10 seconds.
Screenshot from 2023-09-09 20-08-39

Thanks for the hint but unfortunately it does not change anything.
The state of the item in OH seems not to be the problem but Google doesn’t notice that change (quickly enough). So unless there is any pointer to give to Google that this should behave like a push button and not as a switch will likely not help?

I changed the approach and created a Rollershutter item now which controls the real switch via rules.
In theory this would work even without a state for the item but when it’s being used with Google it apparently must not be NULL.
Since I also have a contact(-sensor) at the door I also created another rule to set the rollershutter item to 0 and 100 accordingly.
It seems that will work quite ok for me. The only drawback is that I only can fully open and close via Google which is something I should be able to live with.

The closest I can think of in terms of behaviour like a button is probably a Scene.

Still unsure if this would fit your scenario.