Controlling GoControl Garage Door opener with openHAB2

Has anyone been able to control GoControl Garage Door Opener with OH2? This is my first z-wave device that I am trying to configure. I have OH2 running on Raspberry Pi and so far I have used it to control only WiFi devices. I have connected a Aeon Labs z-stick (Gen 5) to Raspberry Pi and have installed Z-Wave binding. After that I was able to include GoControl in the z-stick, and PaperUI was able to discover Z-Wave Node 3 (GoControl Garage Door Opener) but the only channel I see is “Barrier Position”. I was hoping to see at least one more channel to send command to operate the garage door. I am not sure how to proceed from here. Would appreciate any help.

I’m having the same issue - have you had any luck with it?

I finally gave up on it.