Controlling Insteon Videocam using OpenHAB

What are the mimimum settings in items, and sitemaps (and possibly rules) to setup Insteon homekit with OpenHAB and see the video stream from the Insteon video camera and take photos by pressing a button in the UI?

The insteon binding does not support any cameras. You may be the first one to use an insteon camera with openhab.

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I also have insteon cameras and am insterested in this functionality. I also have quite a bit of experience with software development, but I’m usually quite busy (just like all of us). If anyone is interested in adding this capability, I could lend a hand!

I’ve been playing around with the Insteon HD camera (which is essentially a rebranded FOSCAM camera). Up to this point, I haven’t had any success getting a proper video stream to show up. I followed others recommendations to set the sub stream to mjpeg and then call GetMJStream but when I do this, nothing shows up in the openHAB app. So something’s not right, but I haven’t nailed down the issue.

I was able to put together a solution that I find suitable. I’m using the “snapshot” functionality to deliver a photo that refreshes every second…so it performs as would a stream at 1 fps, which I find acceptable for my needs. I also added some controls to pan the camera left/right/up/down and also to return to a predefined position. Finally, I have a couple buttons to turn on and off the IR LED’s (this can be set to auto but I don’t like the clicking that occurs when the LEDs turn on and off so I prefer to control it myself).

All of this functionality is done via URL calls as I believe that’s the ONLY way it can be done. Even if you were to write a binding for the camera, it would just be a wrapper for the URL calls. I’m happy to share if anyone else has interest in what I’ve done.

On a side note, I never got my “stream” to show up when connecting remotely via My workaround was to set up an openVPN server which I now connect to before launching openHAB, when I’m away form home. This works perfectly. It just adds the slight inconvenience of having to connect to the VPN first, but I can live with that.

I hear you… I have the same problem with a generic, “unbranded” IP camera bought on Ebay for less than 40$. I do not need to control its pan and tilt, I just need a feed to be watched from the openHAB app. It works from the local newtwork but as soon as I get out it doesn’t work anymore (although it should, with the automatic proxying feature present in openHAB). A snapshot image works, though. So my solution was to use the visibility option in the sitemap. When I am home, it shows the video. When I’m out, it shows the snapshot.

Yes, I too believe that URL (GETs) calls are the only way to control the cameras - that is what I do anyway.

I use Motion to feed the videos and to generate events (on motion detection) that are broadcasted by Mosquitto (and received by openHAB with the MQTT binding). With this configuration I can basically use any IP camera as a motion detector and as a part of my alarm system.

Everything works pretty well but for the problem of the video streaming when accessing openhab from remote…

I know this is an old topic but I am interested in what you have done here.