Controlling KNX with Amazon Alexa beginning advice

Our project addresses the Raspberry pi communication in the existing KNX system controlled by voice, Alexa. It’s possible to communicate with the KNX system by installing a KNX IP router, which is connected with the same network as the Raspberry Pi. We installed the binding of KNX and the cloud for Alexa, and everything is connected. We also installed Visual code, so it’s possible to program in Visual studio.
What we did:

  • in openhab we made channels in the KNX Device, these channels work, we can put on and off the lights in openhab

Our question is, how can we begin to program in Visual code to make the voice controll working? We have a lot of information about the KNX1.0 binding, but we don’t know how to begin programming in the new version. Can someone give us an explanation for beginners?

Thanks in advance!



  1. Create Items in *.items file (linked to the KNX2 Channels) and add tags to your Items (you can edit them using VSCode… PaperUI does not yet allow manipulation of tags). You may want to remove the Items that were auto-created by PaperUI to avoid conflicts.
  2. Connect your OH2 system to and expose the desired Items
  3. Configure & authorize the Alexa Skill

Thank you for the information!
We created the .items like this in VSCode:

Alexa is connected with OH2, if we search for devices he doesn’t find them.

Did someone know what we do wrong?

You need to go into PaperUI and expose the new Items to the myopenhab cloud.
Then, these Items will be visible to Alexa also.
Your tag is also wrong:
Instead of: ["lighting"] use [ "Lighting" ] (capital L is mandatory… spaces are optional)

by the way: this item is a “dummy” Item (meaning that it is not bound to anything)… Is this intentional or you want to bind it to a KNX Channel?

Can we expose the items by selecting the expert mode and expose something?

Okay, thank you!

We want to bind something to a KNX Channel.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, sure. You can also do it in normal mode:

Then go to PaperUI -> Configuration -> Things -> select the KNX Thing you want and copy the Channel UID from there.

Then paste it in the Items file:

Switch SwitchKeuken "Kitchen Lights" <light> [ "Lighting" ] { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:GW90741_1:Ch_11" }