Controlling light bulbs in group

I’m trying to set up an equipment, a lamp, in the semantic model. The lamp contains three light bulbs (Ikea tradfri). So my equipment item holds three equipments and each of these holds two values, color and level. Now I would like to have a slider on my first page that dimms the lamp. I place a slider in a cell on the first page and assign it to the group equipment item. Now when I slide the dimmer both the color and the level changes. How can I make the lights dim, but not change color?

Your “master” Group will distribute commands from UI widget to all members.
As this includes all sub-Groups, both dimmer and color elements … that sounds like it is working as it should.

You’ll need a second “master” for your widget that includes only dimmer elements. That doesn’t need to be part of the semantic model.

Now I feel stupid! I understood the actual problem, that all items where affected simultaneously. But I was mentally locked on looking for a way to filter out the target items within a group. Of course I should just split them up in two sub-groups! Thank you!