Controlling non light items with Google Assistant


I am running the latest Openhab3 snapshot build. Openhab is connected to for using Google Assistant to control my items.

It’s working for my Light (e.g switch on/off, brightness, colour). In addition, I want to control other number-based items for example an effect intensity for my animations. Since it’s not directly related to a light bulb, I tried several other Google Assistant classes, without success. Which one is intended to be use for other number-based items?

I also have some contacts (e.g. door open/close), which are annotated with google assistant class “Door”. My goal is to ask the google assistant whether to door is closed or not. Unfortunately, the door contact isn’t visible in the Google Home app. Are contacts supported at all?

Thanks for your help!

  1. There is unfortunately not a nice way to set something like this up. you may could exploit something like a speaker (with volume, no UI in Google Home) or light (with brightness). Later there might be the option to use the Modes trait for this, which is currently in development.

  2. Contact item support is already implemented and will be available soon. For now only Switch and Rollershutter items will work.

I’m looking forward to this! I have a number of virtual switches that only exist to trigger string items in openHAB. I thought about combining some of them into a single item with the Fan trait and assigning my OH modes to different fan speeds (with a rule to interpret them), but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll definitely test it as soon as it’s available.