Controlling Philips hue with a number

Hi every one, this is my first entry.
I’m pretty new to this openhab world.
can I control a philips hue’s light intensity with an item.
Number dim_test_number “Test number” {channel = “ihc: controller: elko: dim_test_number”}

really just follow the number from ihc item, the value goes from 1 - 100%

Wouldn’t you want to use a Dimmer type Item - a special case of a number limited to 0- 100% and including ON/OFF capabilities?

it is really a dimmer type item, i just treid to use it as a number.
Dimmer dim_test_number “Test dimmer” { channel=“ihc:controller:elko:dim_test_dimmer” }
and i just want the philis hue to follow the value of the dimmer in the ihc installation.

Okay, so you have a channel for your hue device? Add that to your Dimmer Item as well, but with a follow profile. Whatever updates are made to the Dimmer Item, will get sent as commands to the hue.

Thank you so much, now it works just so fine.
Have a good day

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