Controlling rollershutter in Google Home

Hi there,

I already configured openhab with Google home.

But now I wonder how to implement me rollershutter in there?
Doesn’t Google support these items or did I miss something? Is there maybe a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Yes there is but it’s wierd
Put a “lighting” tag on the rollershutter and google will deal with it like a dimmable light
The only problem is that your can’t say “close” or “open” but only “on” “off” or “50%”… like a light

In some languages (not all apparently) you can create a routine to map the more natural “close the living room rollershutter” to “turn off the living room rollershutter”.

I use them for my garage door openers to create effect. The openers are Switch Items with the switchable tag and trigger the door to open or close on an ON command. So I created a routine to use:

  • open the garage door
  • close the garage door

with “turn on the garage door”.

The only oddity is she then speaks “OK, turning on the garage door”. I guess we can’t have it all. :wink:

I’ve added the lighting tag, and Google Home discovered the blinds. Control of the opening / closing works in the app, but voice control tells me
“It looks like that device hasn’t been setup yet. You can do that in assistant settings”

Any suggestions?

I also looked something for controlling Rollershutter and Garage door with Google assistant and the best solution for this items is IFTTT. In IFTTT you can make your own applets for controlling openhab with custom responds. So when i say “Okay Google, open the garage door”, google responds: “Okay, im opening the garage door.” The same way for roller shutter, and also with percentage.

Here is an example for garage door:

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I get the same response when I ask Google "Close " (translated by me from german). But when I ask "Turn off " it works.
So do you use the correct commands?
Another possibility I could imagine would be that Google cannot recognize your custom device name. Maybe try some really simple word.

As far as I am informed Google Assistant now supports shutter blinds. Any idea, when we can use it natively in openhab?

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