Controlling Spotify Connect via Rules


I’ve built out an alarm system similar to a tutorial posted in this forum previously. I have an Onkyo receiver with a Musicbox Pi connected to it. Spotify Connect works great!

I want to be able to, via rules, tell the MusicBox (Spotify Connect) to select a playlist, and play it. Does anyone have idea how this could be done?

PI Musicbox is MPD compliant so any MPD command should work.

Then, it’s just all about sending play/stop depending on your alarm rules. For my alarm system, I have a dedicated Esp8266 with an SD card that I attached to a pair of bookshelf speakers to play audio when I arm the house. I wanted the player to keep playing even without any network connection.

Looks interesting. I’d looked at MPD support on OH2 in the past and it appeared broken. That was many months ago, I’ll check again. I notice there’s no MPD binding available for install via the Paper UI, so I’m guessing that means I’ll have to find the OH1 jar and drop it into my addons folder.

I’ll check this out, thanks!

Check if your player opens a port on 5005 by telnetting to that port. If it does, then you can send commands to it using TCP binding.