Convert Kelvins to HSBType

Hi all,

I’m creating a few different scenes for my Hue bulbs and want to create one that acts as bias lighting for the TV. The suggested setting is 6500K…

I’ve been searching the web but can’t seem to find what I’m after so I wonder if one of the bright, (excuse the pun), minds here can help.

Is there a way, what is the conversion / calculation to convert Kelvins into a HSBType or something usable in OH???

Does this not work?

I’ll have a look…I spent a good hour or so searching the forum here for a thread like that…didn’t find a thing…


I found it in a Google search.

Mind, blown…googling the OH site direct from google rather than the OH site search gives different results…I guess the OH search option uses a different search algorithm then…good to know.

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