Convert Zigbee HA to LL?

Hue pushed out zigbee 3.0 to my hub, and I was hoping that would let me pair my osram lightify bulbs to the hue hub. I am in the USA and osram is using the zigbee HA standard here.

Well, even with the hub now at zigbee 3.0, I still can’t pair them to hue.

But I did also just get the linear husbzb-1 dual zwave/zigbee stick.

Now i was wondering if after hopefully pairing this zigbee stick to an osram bulb. Is there any possible way to convert it from zigbee HA to zigbee LL?

I know osram used to provide that if you asked, but seems they stopped doing that along time ago.

Any suggestions to pair an osram bulb to hue in the USA?