Copy a value from binding 1 to an other channel on binding 2 (on realtime)

Hi folks,

hope anyone has a good idea for following case:

  • I have a weather-binding on openweathermap that call current state of weather facts in 10 min interval
  • I have a knx binding with some group-address, they need this value to make something
  • My room-thermostate showing the current weather (without I have buy a weather-unit on attic) or my rollshutter close automaticly, when I forgett close window and rain is havy.

Now my question:
Is it possible to copy values from one binding (weather-service) to another binding (knx) without I use two item-elements and a script to read and write it? At the moment I have an rule-script to make a copy between two item-elements their are binding on the source/destination-thing.

Have many thanks for any ideas in advance.
I running docker-image on latest (also OH4.x - today Iam on version 4.0.2)

CU Polarbär

This is exactly what the follow profile is for! Connect your knx-channel to the same Item using the follow profile, then every update the Item receives from the weather binding will be sent as a command to the channel.

Yeah! That is possibly my solution! Tomorrow I will make a test and than I report here.