Copy Item value

On oh 2 i have a Text based rule top Control my heating.
I have a Temperatur Sensor and a heating Controller (zwave Spirit eurotronic)

It Looks Like:
If Sensor Temperatur Changed
Thema Set Temperatur ( of heating Controller) top value of Sensor Temperatur

Thus works fine.

Now on oh 3 i try to do this with the graphical ui.
The if then items we’re easy. But how can i Set the Temperatur of the Sensor to the heating Controller in the Action Part. There i can only enter a command


You’ll have to create a Script Action. You can choose Blockly and remain graphical, or you can choose Rules DSL and use postUpdate like in your existing rule. In ECMASCript (i.e. JavaScript) you’d use evetns.postUpdate(NameOfItem, NewState);.

An issue has been opened to add postUpdate as an Item Action type. I don’t know it’s status.

Thanks I will try it asap and will inform you.

One additional Question:
My history is more text-based.
That what I’ve done before with OH2, so all of my rules, was done text-based.

Is there a prefered Rule Language for OH3 that is also text based?

There is no language that is preferred over any other by the project. You can use any of the languages you prefer. If you will go with Python, JavaScript or Groovy it would be a good idea to get and use the Helper Libraries as they make creating and working with rules easier. If you have a bunch of Rules DSL .rules files, there is no reason why you have to stop using those.