Copy RRD4J Data

an update of my raspberry pi crashed the system such that I cannot boot any more from the original hard disk (even though the original data is still accessible). I have now setup a new system with openhab, copied all data (restoring a backup) and also copied the /var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j folder. However, the old persisted data is not showing up in the graphs, just the newly acquired data. How can I restore the old data?
Thank you!#

Did you stop openHAB while writing the old .rrd files onto the folder? (I’m doing it that way and it works)
Did you check the ownership of the copied files and folders?
Does the log tell something?

IMHO the backup should have the persistence data included.

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Ok, it did work. I stopped openhab and then copied the old files over the new ones. Thanks!