Coronavirus (COVID 19)

I’m from Slovenia and we are the neighbour country to Italy. Our goverment closed all bordes except for humanitarian and cargo.
All schools are closed and most of companies are closed. We have 2 million in population and we have around 300 comfirmed cases but we are not testing all people so the estimate is about 1500. Our medical personel are running out of masks. The convoy for 1.5mil masks is stuck in Germany and we have big problems getting the equipement. People are generaly at home and social interaction is forbidden. Most of the people follow the rules but we still have alot of exceptions that do not take this threat seriously!
We saw what was going on in China and we are seeing the devestation that is in Italy but some people still don’t care. This is serious if not for you then it is for someone else. Especaily for elderly and chronic respiratory illnes people…


Hi all,
I’m from Italy, Lombardia, has you know the worst red zone.
I’m well, but every day someone nearest to my family is infected.
Not everyone is really bad, but once infected, you have to be in complete isolation.
Many people die without loved ones seeing them (even after death).
You, who are not yet seriously affected by the infection, stay at home.
I hope they find a cure very soon and, even if I’m clumsy, I can go back to experimenting with OpenHab.

A virtual hug.



I think I echo the sentiment here when I say our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. :pray:


Hello Everyone,

Just outside London, England.
Same story here. Everything shut. Everyone staying at home. I normally work from home so no change there, but now the rest of the family are home as well to ruin my peace.
The panic buying of food is very frustrating. The shelves in the food shops are continually empty. Hopefully that phase will soon pass as people run out of space at home to hoard food.
But much more worrying is the virus itself! I have a long term lung condition; if I catch the virus, I will probably not survive. The big problem is how will my wife maintain my OpenHAB setup when I am gone? We need a new binding to allow maintenance from beyond the grave :o)



I guess tutorial and documentation time :wink:

I HOPE you are not volunteering to test it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :dizzy_face:


I live in Iran normally for work, has been a hectic few months. Wife and kids already got evacuated early January due to the eminent attacks between US and Iran (we flew five hours after the Ukranian Airlines flight was mistakenly taken down). I went back for work and ended in the situation where there were very little flights out. I managed to get a flight out and went to my family. Very unstable situation in a country where the government is not famous for being transparent and down playing crisises to down right denial (many public places and shrines were open for weeks after infections were detected). Government and religious leaders denying etc.
Right now we are in Argentina (my wife is Argentinean) and will stay here for the foreseeable future. Remote office starting next week, as now I’m on holidays. Argentina takes very serious matters even when the number of infections is low (all imported). Already many businesses are closed, travel restricted and no flights allowed to and from Europe/US/South Korea etc.


Thank you very much
Please, STAY HOME.
Do not think that you are well and those close to you are well, because you cannot know who they attended and if in reality they have not yet shown symptoms.
Organize yourself with video chats, video aperitifs, but don’t gather, I read that in some countries 5-10 people maximum are allowed, I tell you it’s wrong.
This virus has the ability to infect 3 people starting from a single person, so if one in 10 is infected, then 4 will be infected and after 12, 36 etc.
So avoid, there is no cure, only prevention.
If your countries immediately implement severe restrictions, and I hope they do, it will only be to safeguard you and your health.
In Italy we understood it late, but you have our example, treasure it, use your conscience if your governments have not yet understood it.




For those looking to track some of the Covid19 data you can use http binding with this site.



Items file:

String covidcasesworld "Cases [%s]" {http="<[covidworldwide:5000:JSONPATH($.cases)]"}
String coviddeathsworld "Deaths [%s]" {http="<[covidworldwide:5000:JSONPATH($.deaths)]"}
String covidrecoveredworld "Recovered [%s]" {http="<[covidworldwide:5000:JSONPATH($.recovered)]"}


Frame label="Covid19"
		Text item=covidcasesworld label="Covid19 Cases [%s]"
		Text item=coviddeathsworld label="Covid19 Deaths [%s]"
		Text item=covidrecoveredworld label="Covid19 Recovered [%s]"

The info is worldwide but if someone finds a site that provides site-specific info, and is easy to add such as this one, please post. Thanks

Thoughts and prayers to everyone.


Ah, I use you can use it by land if you append your landcode to it -> -> NL for The Netherlands, DE for Germany

I use the items without the http.cfg:

Number	Corona_Confirmed	"Corona bevestiged [%d]"	(Corona)		{http="<[$.[0].confirmed)]"}
Number	Corona_Recoverd		"Corona hersteld [%d]"		(Corona)		{http="<[$.[0].recovered)]"}
Number	Corona_Deaths		"Corona overleden [%d]"		(Corona)		{http="<[$.[0].deaths)]"}

Thanks @ljsquare I’ve added this to my server for US info. Any clue how to drill down to get stats for a particular state in the US?


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Thanks @ljsquare

But I think I get wrong values for the wold wide data.

Number	Corona_WW_Confirmed "Corona World confirmed [%d]"  <bedroom>    (Corona)   {http="<[$.[0].confirmed)]"}
Number	Corona_WW_Recoverd  "Corona World recovered [%d]"  <lawnmower>  (Corona)   {http="<[$.[0].recovered)]"}
Number	Corona_WW_Deaths    "Corona World dead [%d]"       <fire>       (Corona)   {http="<[$.[0].deaths)]"}

Number	Corona_DE_Confirmed "Corona DE confirmed [%d]"     <bedroom>    (Corona)   {http="<[$.[0].confirmed)]"}
Number	Corona_DE_Recoverd  "Corona DE recovered [%d]"     <lawnmower>  (Corona)   {http="<[$.[0].recovered)]"}
Number	Corona_DE_Deaths    "Corona DE dead [%d]"          <fire>       (Corona)   {http="<[$.[0].deaths)]"}

This should be much higher:

Corona_WW_Confirmed changed from NULL to 67800

This feature is not available at the moment.


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How about this?

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Please, please stay home. I’m amazed how many people are still flying. I know many are getting home from vacations and the world changed while they were gone, but I also know some are trying to take advantage of deals for cheap tickets.

Unfortunately, due to the extreme shortage of test kits, those numbers are very flawed.

I’m considered an essential employee (yay me!) and have to work. If I develop symptoms, I’m to self isolate at home but likely won’t have access to a test kit until well after I’ve recovered. I’m taking as much care as I can, sleeping away from my family, washing thoroughly when I get home and frequently while at work, and wearing different clothes to go to work.


I live in Italy, the situation here is serious. It’s all closed. My business is closed, I work in the real estate sector. Fortunately, my region, Tuscany, currently contains well, especially where I live. But the fear is so great and I have been locked in the house for 15 days. Luckily I was forward-looking and stocked up on food. Pray for us, pray for everyone!


I certainly am praying for you and the rest of the world. The world feels a lot smaller lately.


This gets me the stats for kansas
Number KS_Corona_Confirmed “Kansas Covid 19 confirmed [%d]” {http="<[$.[42].confirmed)]"}

I am no json expert, but there should be a better way to get the kansas data.
If the order inside the json changes or other states are added [42] would return the from state, I think.

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The new feature is already added.

To get the World data, use this:

Number	Corona_WW_Confirmed "Corona World confirmed [%d]"  <bedroom>    (Corona)   {http="<[$.[?('World')].confirmed)]"}
Number	Corona_WW_Recoverd  "Corona World recovered [%d]"  <lawnmower>  (Corona)   {http="<[$.[?('World')].recovered)]"}
Number	Corona_WW_Deaths    "Corona World dead [%d]"       <fire>       (Corona)   {http="<[$.[?('World')].deaths)]"}

Thank you.

I live in Piemonte area and here it appears not so bad as in other parts of Italy but everything is stopped and people are not allowed to go anywhere at the moment.

I have friends and relatives that are doctors and thay are working 12 hours per day 7 days per week now

In Lombardia the situation is really very very critical and the deaths are very very high: today the army started to take care of the coffins because cemeteries collapsed ! Think that the health system in Lombardia is accredited as one of the best all over the world.

Do not panic at all but take the max care!

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