Coronavirus (COVID 19)

I know we normally meet here to talk about and improve our smart homes. That said, I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you and am wondering how your daily lives are being affected by these unprecedented times.

I think the importance of online communities as well as hobbies will only increase in the coming months as people are going to lack day to day interaction.

Personally, I’m still at work at my airport job but am seeing a lot of changes to my daily life. I’m in the US and our state governor has closed schools and limited restaurants and bars to take out only. I have two young kids and we are planning lots of activities so we can consider this time well spent as a family.

I’m curious to hear from others. I hope and pray that you all are safe and able to weather these trying days well.


What country?

I am in the US working in IT for a University. Right now I am working from home to keep social distance.

Interestingly enough, Home Assistant has an addon displaying data from John Hopkins University.


I am in Italy (not in one of the in the hardest hit areas though…maybe yet), everything is locked down, we can go out to shop (only food essentially), etc, but severely restricted (only a small number of people is allowed in at once), and Amazon deliveries are severely delayed (oh the challenges of modern life), everyone is teleworking…the air quality has dramatically improved though…but we are having a nice house and no small kids, and as a more introverted person, I don’t mind social isolation that much…in general, people seem to take it well…a little bit of general nervousness, but everybody is playing along really well and is staying at home as much as physically possible…lots of improvisation from the little shops many of which are starting to bring you things home, which helps…


Thanks a lot for this small peak into your momentray life.

I live in northern Germany and currently the number of infections is low in our area. Nevertheless schools are closed and my kids get theier homework by email, so they are busy. Based on their age (16, 17) internet is important :slight_smile: Cultural activities are canceled as well.

Due to the fact that i stepped down with my conculting business 6 month ago i am regularly 3 to 4 day in the home office. For the last 4 weeks i am now the whole week at the home office, so no big deal.

So we are slowing down our life and looking towards the thing that are coming.

I hope everyone is safe .


I’m working in Germany in IT as a systems and network administrator. Those colleagues who previously had no VPN access to our company should now also use their home offices. Even those who don’t have a company laptop at all. I set up used laptops for those colleagues and configured VPN client including multi factor authentication with a software token or hardware token everywhere. All very stressful because some users behave very stupid.

In private, I’m living with my family (wife and son) in a village in Lower Franconia. The schools, bars, discos, irrelevant shops are closed. In the neighboring village, a boy has infected with the virus. Hope everything remains quiet and safe.


I’m in the US.

That’s cool, though at least for me I’m struggling with spending too much time already learning and thinking about it!

Glad to hear you’re getting along. Your friends from across the pond are pulling for you and the rest of Europe! :grinning:

Sounds like great timing!

I’m in Minnesota (north central US) and we’ve had an unseasonably warm March. It’s been nice to get outside. We’ve been meeting neighbors and talking across the property line while maintaining physical separation.


I’m in Colorado, US.

Luckily I’m white collar enough that my job is easily done from home and in fact my company has mandated that anyone who can work from home must work from home. And they are looking for alternative work for those who can’t with their current tasking, or they need a VP level exemption. They are taking this seriously enough that they are offering all employees who work 20 hours or more a company iPhone to make working from home easier. But it’s a lot easier to end up putting in more hours when working from home and I’ve not found a good balance yet.

Schools are closed until at least April though it might be closed to the end of the year. State mandated testing has been cancelled. They are requesting relief for federally mandated testing. And we are entering this new world (to us) of home schooling. Luckily the school has posted lots of resources and projects. I saw a funny mem I can’t find again that said: “Home schooling day 1: I got to figure out how to transfer this student out of my class.”

My wife is a musician and everything between now and May has been cancelled. We’ve lost at least 1/3rd of her income for the year and perhaps all of it for the year of this extends into the summer. It’s a big hit but lots of families have both parents as working musicians. I can only imagine the stress they are under.

Pretty much everything is closed. Restaurants are at delivery or take out only. All theaters, bowling alleys, museums, the zoo, and such are closed. I’m not positive but I think all denominations have cancelled in person church services. All of the big ones have for sure.

Panic buying has made a lot of staples hard to get like TP, ground beef, vegetables, etc. But we have plenty of food and insulin and such to get us by.

My birthday and my soon to be seven-year-old’s birthday celebrations have been cancelled. With Amazon’s just announced change in shipping policy (they are only accepting medicines and home goods to their warehouses until April 6th) I’m not even sure that my son’s birthday presents will arrive on time. We were supposed to take him to Santa Fe to Meow Wolf next week and had plans to stay at Great Wold Lodge in April which has all been cancelled.

And to top it all off, my son has bronchitis (not COVID-19, run of the mill bronchitis) and the weather has been miserable so we can’t even take the dogs out for a long walk through the neighborhood.

So far it’s had a pretty big impact on our family.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this but I’ll leave with this joke anyway, customized for our community.

Due to COVID-19, the TCP/UDP binding will now only support UDP to avoid handshakes.


Welcome to the club.
We home schooled both of our (now grown) sons all the way through high school. They both aced the GED test so I guess we did pretty good. :wink:

I had trouble finding white flour for bread. Walmart & Sams Club were both out. Today I scored some TP as they were restocking along with some Clorox wipes.

Amazon said as long as your order was placed before today, you should be OK.


I’m in Victoria, Canada. We’re on an island, so COVID-19 has been slow to spread (we have very few reports relative to other municipalities).

I work at the University of Victoria as a communications officer in student recruitment. I went home with a headache last Monday, and stayed home on Tuesday with a cough. I’ve since watched the world change without leaving my house. On Friday, UVic cancelled classes for the rest of term (like many other schools/colleges/universities) and started having people work from home. So now we’re trying to figure out how to deliver course content online and ensure that students who are supposed to graduate this spring will get the credits they need to do so. Also, we have to determine how to admit high school students without being able to evaluate final grades for many of them.

I’m mostly concerned about people working jobs with hourly wages and living from paycheque to paycheque. I’m lucky that I’m a salaried employee for a university–there are other people and businesses who will not recover from this: hairdressers, travel agencies, corner grocery stores, restaurants, etc. They’re dealing with far more stress than I am right now.

For the sake of these people, I hope that we’ll soon pivot from isolation, social distance, and closures to learning how to interact and function without putting ourselves and others at risk. I also hope that any support funding from governments finds its way to the people who need it the most to avoid falling into poverty.

On the positive side, I’m inclined to believe that we’ve probably made more of a dent in carbon emissions this past week than we have since someone first said “carbon neutral”.


I live in the Netherlands (central part under Utrecht) and we are not in full lockdown. Schools, bars and restaurants are closed, hospitals do only emergencies to spare the medical staff. Stores are open.
Our gouvernement has chosen the strategy of a group immunity. That means, as harsh as it sounds, that a lot of people (hopefully young and healthy) get ill with mild complaints to spare the weakest group (elderly and weak health).
A full lockdown can take months or even more before the virus is gone.

Nevertheless I’ve got an idea to create some kind of binding to see the statistics as HA already have. Can we do something with this information: ? for example create a rule that reads the json input or maybe a binding? I’m not a create programmer of binding, so that’s why a share this link. Found out on my on for a solution :wink:

The best to all in this strange and hectic time!


I’m in the eastern part of the US (Maryland, specifically). I’m retired, so I don’t have too much of a need to go out. Freezer is stocked full of food, and we have plenty of other essentials. Most everything is closed, or will be closed soon.

Our daughter is in the mid-west part of the US, and is working from home. She was in Argentina on vacation with her BF, but got sent home early.

I had a beer trip planned next week to Portland, Maine, but all the breweries up there are closed, so we canceled that. My wife and had a vacation planned in June to Kenya and Tanzania. That’s now canceled.

At least the golf course is open, so that’s a plus. :wink: And, as an added bonus, that’s one place where social distancing is not a problem. :+1: The gun range is open, but we’re avoiding that at the moment. Oddly, there are too many first responders there, who are a high risk to be near, IMO.


We’re on the Gulf Coast of the US. No confirmed cases near us, but relative to what we’re hearing in the rest of the country, people are overreacting a bit. It’s hard to buy most kinds of foods now and there are restrictions on everything from bread and eggs to milk. Schools closed this week, theaters and anything “non-essential” is closed. Most fast food places have recently switched to drive-thru only. Stores are all closing early for cleaning and restocking, if open at all.

The hardest part for us has been our graduating Senior. Sports were all postponed indefinitely which left a big void as we were vying for a state title this year and to know that may be gone is heartbreaking. Everything in so far as Senior Prom, all of the honor activities, and even graduation are in jeopardy. Her birthday is also soon and we’ve had to postpone all of the celebrations we had planned. With schools being on the block system, several students are possibly not going to have enough credits to graduate on schedule unless they somehow can learn the other half of the course remotely. But, public schools of course do not furnish online learning so many students have no option at all. The kids taking AP courses also have issues because they may be unable to finish the courses and pass the exams, which impacts their college schedules. It’s all so heartbreaking to watch.

My wife already works at home, and has for years. She looks forward to the “peace” she has when the kids are at school and I am at my regular job (on site), so I broke it to her tonight that I’m on a modified schedule and we will all be home for two weeks straight. LOL

Our hope is that we caught it all early before it could be widespread here and we might resume some normalcy in a couple of weeks. Prayers and well wishes to all of you, and if you would, keep our daughter and all of the HS Seniors in your thoughts. It is much harder on them than you might imagine.


I don’t see the point for multiple reasons.

a) Why don’t you set your homepage when you open a new tab to take you there. Keep your UI clean and don’t clutter it up with useless info. The daily news will cover it in way more than you need to know.
b) You can use the webview element to display any web page should you wish to do so.
c) You can use regex to grab values from a webpage.

d) The stats are not realistic, at least around here if you have even a few of the common to many illness symptoms, they don’t bother testing you, you get told to just go home and self isolate. So people who have it do not get counted into the stats.

My thoughts and prayers to all those who do get sick, and I wish you all the best, but please don’t panic and be smart and safe.


I’m working in IT company, and that’s great we have an opportunity to work from home.
Schools and universities are closed, concerts and other activities were canceled…
I’m not afraid to get sick; I am more afraid of general panic. People are buying up almost everything in shops.

True, in the Netherlands we also don’t get tested with mild symptoms.

I thought that I’ve read somewhere in the forum the question if OH have a binding just like HA (

But you’ve got also good points.

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Based in Ireland. Our Premier/Prime Minister equivalent made a national address on TV last night (first ever time in my memory and I’m in my forties) explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Ireland has all schools, bars, restaurants closed. Supermarkets are introducing reduced opening hours with certain hours been dedicated to the elderly only. We are currently waiting for the “surge” of positive cases to come (I believe it will) and will go from there. It’s currently estimated that 200,000 people have lost their jobs in Ireland due to the closure of businesses. I’m fortunate in that I’m a salaried employee working in IT, so working from home is not a problem.

Predicted cases of Covid-19 by the end of this month is estimated at 15,000 in Ireland. The current steps of social isolation are designed to “flatten the curve” , hopefully preventing our health service from been overwhelmed. This is tough, I (or my wife) cannot visit our parents nor they to us. It’s really weird if I’m honest and it’s only the beginning for us.


I live in Denmark. Most of the country is locked down. All stores, bars cafes, resturants etc was locked down today, except for supermarket, drugstore etc. Schools etc closed last week. Any kind of social meetings with more than 10 people is no longer allowed.
The company I work for did send all employees to work from home last week and for the rest of the month, sofar.
I work as a security validator for all changes/new constructions etc which has any kind of impact on the danish railroad interlocking and safty system. Normally I receive lots of big drawing plans on paper to validator. But these days everythings is beeing send back and fort through the internet. I can work from home with only a few changes. All job meetings goes through Skype.

I really hope this damn virus will soon be gone, and the losses will be limited. But the numbers of dead people coming from Italy really concerns me. It´s worse than China when it was at it higest with 475 people dying within the last 24 hour :frowning:


I am from Austria and here also the same situation, nearly all is locked down.
I am still in office day by day as we having more and more orders, seems companies want to fill their stock for the time after this crisis.

I was interested in how a virus works, and even this might sound strange, a virus is a wonder of evolution.
It is not a living thing, just a very little dot of proteins, but capable to get in a cell and finally misusing the core of a cell to replicate itself.

In school I had a few weeks statistics and also calcualtion of probabilities.
I forgot a lot but can imagine what it means to flatten the curve of infections.
So I guess this virus will bother us for a longer time, but I also know that time heals all …


I live in a small village right in the middle of Germany. Here in the countryside people are definately concerned and the impact of store closures is slowly reaching us, since many of my friends work in construction or retail.

All non-essential shops are now closed and curfews are still being discussed as an option, if the voluntary social distancing does not work. Our chancellor had a speech last night, saying this outbreak is the biggest challenges since WW2 (which is a heavy comparison for a German to do).

Otherwise I am thankful for working as Software Sales, since this has been a Home Office job since day one, so this is more or less business as usual (and companies heavily using their IT infrastructure creates the need for our monitoring solution, therefore I hope that at least my branch of the economy should be stable enough to get through these difficult times).

I hope that everyone reading this is staying safe and healthy! Don’t panic, keep your distance and this should hopefully be over soon.


Here is a long thread from an automobile forum. The one how started it is in a relatively unaffected area of China. Most other posters there are in the US.