Correct Allocation of Current vs Target HeatingCoolingMode of OH3 Thermostats for HomeKit use

I try to display all my thermostats in HomeKit after having successfully set them up in openHAB. My problem is: I read that a HomeKit termostat mandatorily has four settings (HomeKit Add-on - System Integrations | openHAB):

  • CurrentTemperature
  • TargetTemperature
  • CurrentHeatingCoolingMode
  • TargetHeatingCoolingMode
    Allocating the CurrentTemperature and the TargetTemperature in the metadata of my termostat-groups is easy - there are two corresponding things as group members for these settings. But now I have only one more thing available (which has been called “Thermo function” by OpenHAB after the scan for things) for the remaining two settings.
    I am now reluctant whether I can simply allocate both settings, the CurrentHeatingCoolingMode and the TargetHeatingCoolingMode to this very same thing by using the ‘multiple metadata’ option, or whether this may harm my hardware (actuators)?
    Can anyone give me some advise before I try it out?
    The termostats/actuators are Bticino/Legrand-Tools from the MyHome-System, maybe this information is of additional value. I integrated them into OpenHAB by using the MyHome-binding and running a scan.

Thanks for your help,

You should probably create virtual items for handling this modes.
Target - should be mapped to program manual,off,automatic etc.
Current should be mapped to physical state of the valve - if it’s open/closed which actually gives you proper icon color in home app

You need to figured it out :slight_smile:

Dziękuję bardzo!
I guess you set me on the right track…
I really do not need this third thing at all and can replace it with two virtual ones.
Now, it appears, I can really tune my valves up and down via HomeKit/OpenHAB.
That saves me a lot of trouble with the original MyHomeApp which does not work properly. Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day!

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