Correct formatting for Incoming Value Transformations

Hi there !!!

I bought something like this:

I reprogrammed this with TASMOTA.

I have a problem with the correct reading of the values for TODAY, YESTERDAY and TOTAL of electricity consumption.

20:24:16.394 MQT: tele/pompa/SENSOR = {"Time":"2022-01-30T20:24:16","ENERGY":{"TotalStartTime":"2022-01-26T11:41:17","Total":0.008,"Yesterday":0.005,"Today":0.003,"Period": 0,"Power": 2,"ApparentPower": 8,"ReactivePower": 8,"Factor":0.19,"Voltage":227,"Current":0.037}}

What should be the correct formatting for: Incoming Value Transformations

I have differences between what is read in the main window of TASMOTA or consol … and what is seen by OPENHAB.

Can you share your full Thing configuration please? Use the Code tab, and share the YAML in-between code fences.

And also show the MQTT configuration page from Tasmota?

And you are aware that by default Tasmota only publishes this data every 5 minutes?

I did the configuration in PaperUI

Simple config IP, port, topic —> atached pic

yep I know that. TelePeriod command is set to 300 by default.
Updates - I handle it a different way. I set PowerDelta to 1 ( 1..100 = set reporting on percentage power change to send an MQTT telemetry message)

What version of openHAB are you running?

We’re gonna need to see that configuration to check for mistakes.

The new screenshot in the OP would suggest you’re using the same transform for your three Channels, as they’re all the same number.

Either that, or you’ve setup the Sitemap to show the same Item value three times?

OR you’ve linked the same Channel to your three different Items?

You need a item for each Value

they can have the same state topic just different transformations

Yes i have 3 different items for today, yesterday and total conumption
Three different transformatin


Same MQTT state topic

The question is whether such formatting is OK?
Rest of values: Voltage, Current and Power works fine. I use similar transformations for them

No idea what formatting you mean: we haven’t seen your Thing configuration and all its Channels yet, nor all your Item configurations

If you mean is your JSONPATH string correct: take the spaces out:


Formatting / syntax for Incoming Value Transformations

Okay, I don’t know what’s going on. :thinking:
I have removed these 3 defective ITEMs. I restarted OPENHAB and reconfigured them in the same way as before. They work.

I don’t know what was wrong. I was convinced there was something wrong with the transformation for them.

THX anyway :pray:
Thread to be closed.

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