Correct syntax for openhab:// intent-filter link to open app and submenue by PushOver

Hello all,
i am struggling to find out a way to open a subpage in a sitemap by an openhab:// link.
I would like to include a link in a PushOver message that then opens the Openhab app in a special submenue.

But if I call the link (openhab://Haus/Haus/AlarmMenue, this seems to be the best variant), the app opens, shows the main sitemap page, switches to a empty sub-page (with correct title Alarmoptionen)?, and shows an error: Diese Seite beinhaltet keine sichtbaren Widgets.

I tried many combinations of links/parameters as well but I didn t find the right one.

Maybe, the magic can be found in the intent-filter definition ( or in the main activity class ( But I cannot understand these files in detail.


sitemap Haus label="Übersicht"
	Frame label=""
		Text item=AlarmMenue icon="siren"
			Text item=Cam1MotionAlarm
			Default item=Cam1EnableMotion


String AlarmMenue "Alarmoptionen"  
Switch Cam1EnableMotion "MotionAlarm on/off"        { channel="ipcamera:dahua:camera1:enableMotionAlarm" }  
Switch Cam1MotionAlarm  "Aktivität [%s]"    <siren> { channel="ipcamera:dahua:camera1:motionAlarm" }  

Some additional information: I use OpenHAB v3.4.0 and Android app 3.7.0/Basic UI

Can anyone help?

These links are intended to be written to NFC tags. You could write a tag and then read it with a different app to get the link. To write a tag, long press the subpage in the sitemap.

The parsing of tags is done here:

Please be aware that the path contains internal IDs that might change when you update the sitemap.There are suggestions to create better links: Push Notifications improvements for OH 4.0 · Issue #3193 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

I created a thread to discuss about these kind of links: Create deep links to openHAB

I looked through the program code - unfortunately I still couldn’t find a combination that worked completely. I will continue to follow you in the other thread. Thx.