Correct WADWAZ-1 configuration?

I have a WADWAZ-1 sensor but the problem is that it when it sends an alarm it’s always ON whether the door is open or not. Looked into the documentation and the open vs. closed state is defined using the alarm level - then looked into the code and the zwave alarm converter doesn’t seem to take alarm level into account (and also not clear if it should since from what I’ve read the alarm level is implemented differently per device).

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that whenever the device wakes up I also get an alarm on event. I just want a simple rule to send an email when a door opens right now but I can’t differentiate between an alarm because the door opened (or closed) and an alarm because the device woke up. Wondering if I have something configured wrong (I added it via paperui so I didn’t really do much as far as configuring) or it really is something I’ll need to code for. It would be nice if the alarm level was accessible in the rule somehow. Since I’m really new to OpenHAB I wanted to see if it might be configuration first.


Don’t those devices have a SENSOR_BINARY channel? I’m using the OH1 ZWave binding currently but I had those working with the OH2 binding. Open the Thing in PaperUI and unbind the alarm channel and bind the sensor_binary channel. That will give you a simple ON/OFF switch for open or closed.

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Ah, that’s much better, thanks!