Correcting rrd persistance data "corrupted" by UoM issues

Hi All

I run my system on Windows 10 using Java - (Zulu11.54+25-CA)

After a recent update the UoM for Energy changed from kWh to Joule, which I did not pick up till my graphs started looking weird a few weeks later. I managed to “resolve” the issue by putting in the correct displyState meta data.

The issue was then corrected in the next Milestone release.

My issue is not that the persisted data is incorrected for the time when the UoM was set to Joule.

Is there any way to do a “bulk” correction of the persisted data?

From what I have been able to search, this may be a very manual process requiring many manual edits using rrdinspector - assuming I can get that to work on my Windows system

Hoping for some suggestions?

That what I would have suggested (you probably find an old post of mine on this topic) and it does work on windows!
The big questions is how much data points need to be changed and how many archives are effected.
Looking at your posted graph I would simply delete the false values in this archive. That way the line would become flat ( in the posted setup of thechart). But that might not fit your needs as the posted “flat” line might not be flat at all.
Note that such action would effect only the one archive you did the changes in, for other archives the same actions would be needed.