Costco CE Smart Home plug

Is there a binding for a Costco CE SMART HOME plug. These are available from Costco at a good price (2 per pack). The docs say you can use a smartphone app, but you need to register first, and the commands probably go through the CE “cloud”. It’s also workable through Alexa and Goggle Home, so it should be accessible, though the initial setup requires an account and WiFi setup.

They are a LITESUN unit, model # is LA-WF3.

Looks like they are built on a ESP8266 - you could crack open and load Tasmota or ESPEasy.

Maybe someone has researched litesun products and knows more.

Looking at the tear down I would NOT trust the quality of these solder points.
Stay away from them:

So I opened the unit. As it is an end user product, it does not have any obvious place to flash the EPROM. Is there a tutorial somewhere as to how to load new software?

I will be using these as the turn on for LED floodlights. So not much current draw.

Little bit of Googling will provide the answer :slight_smile:

Yup. Just need to know the correct terms to search for :slight_smile:

Thanks. Very useful.

Though I feel like I need to spend a lot of time learning stuff all over again. The instructions make sense, but the amount of required background knowledge is intimidating.

Ahh, the learning curve, it hurts…

Since there’s an ESP8266 inside you should just need a FTDI and then jumper to the connection points on the plug. You can use the ESPEasy loader to install the TASMOTA software…it’s fairy simple. It looks intimidating but it’s easy once you’ve done it.

Take it from me, I have gone from flashing my first ESP8266 a couple of weeks ago to (in process) building a pool filter pressure sensor with multiple chips and then tying it back in to OH.


Ok, so then what is an FTDI. I upload the ESPEasy loader to what (PI, Windows machine, Linux)? I jumper the connections with what, a USB cable?

I don’t mind soldering connections, just takes a steady hand and some care.

I really appreciate the help, the videos, etc. But there is always some background information, acronyms, etc, which I miss, which makes the process murky

Famous words :mage:

Again…Google is your frind :wink:

FTDI is a USB to serial interface that you use to connect your computer to the device.

You will then install the ESPEasy loader to your Desktop PC to push and install the TASMOTA firmware via the FTDI to your device.

Here’s a great video to walk you through the steps: (this video is designed for SONOFF Brand devices…but substitute your device for the SONOFF)


Term Definition
FTDI USB to Serial Adapter
Tasmota Firmware you want to load on your device
ESPEasy Loader The software you will use to load Tasmota onto your plug (device)
MQTT The communications protocol you will use to communicate with your device
MQTT Broker For lack of a better term - The communications server

You will need to install a MQTT broker and the MQTT binding and action (for communication) once you have got your device up and running with Tasmota. Just so you know you can look at using ESPEasy firmware instead of Tasmota some like one over the other. I prefer Tasmota.

If you need help getting MQTT setup their are plenty of instructions sprinkled throughout this forum.

Good luck, let me know if I can help move you along…I might not know the answer, but I typically know where to look.


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