Could not connect to serial port from Windows

Hi, please help.
I am newbie in OpenHab and am trying connect to the serial port on windows using modbus binding.

Here is my conf:

And here is error from logs:
[ERROR] [] - execute try 1/3 error: readResponse I/O exception - failed to read: readResponse: I/O exception - Serial port timeout… Request: net.wimpi.modbus.msg.ReadCoilsRequest@6e5f8669 (unit id 1 & transaction 889). Serial parameters: SerialParameters@7bec4c4b[portName=COM4,baudRate=9600,flowControlIn=none,flowControlOut=none,databits=8,stopbits=1,parity=none,encoding=ascii,echo=false,receiveTimeoutMillis=1500]

OpenHab 2
Modbus binding 1.10.0
Windows 8.1

COM4 is exists and successfully tested from another program (connection not locked).

Make sure you have met all prerequisites:

and double check your config in the modbus docs: