[Cozytouch] Electric towel dryer


I’m currently trying to add my Atlantic Serenis towel dryer to OpenHab in order to be able to launch the boost mode automatically when activating the “Shower mode” of my installation.

I successfully added the Somfy Tahoma binding using ha110-1.overkiz.com and my identifiers, however, my thing isn’t detected (The is a lot of sensor I doesn’t have that are, however, detected, like a presence sensor). Looking at the documentation I fear it’s not implemented.

There is a Thing that could match, but you can only send strings (off, eco, comfort, frostprotection), you can’t trigger boost mode, dry mode or set a custom temperature.

Have someone succeeded in implementing the Somfy tahoma binding for Atlantic electric heater/towel dryer ?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

As you guessed, this will certainly require the implementation of a new thing representing your device.

On my side, I never fully finished the implementation of Sauter radiators. Still in my TODO list.