CPU Temperature on Unraid

Hi Friends,
I’m using OpenHAB 4.0.3 and would like it to monitor my home server’s CPU temperature so that when the CPU temperature is very high, OpenHAB will automatically run a rule to turn ON my air conditioner until the temperature goes down.
I installed OpenHAB’s System Info binding, but the binding doesn’t show me any sensor information channels in the available channels list.
Is there anything I can do to get the CPU temperature info into OpenHAB?

You could look at the SNMP Binding if your server supports SNMP:

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Thank you, Mark.
Unraid has an SNMP plugin, so I guess it can be used to send system info to openhab.
Can you please explain how I should connect the two? :pray:
I’m sorry if my question might seem obvious to a program developer, but I’m really a noob in that sense.


I no longer use the SNMP Binding, so have nothing to refer to in order to assist you. The documentation for the binding is pretty good though as I recall.

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