Crazy EcoBee Idea

Hey All,
I had this crazy thought at lunch and was curious if it’s even feasible with OpenHAB3 and the EcoBee Binding. The thermostat in my house is an EcoBee3 and is connected to OpenHAB, I also have several Sonoff ZigBee Temperature/Humidity sensors throughout the house and I was curious about trying to send that temp/humidity data from OpenHAB into my EcoBee thermostat (much like EcoBee’s add on sensors). So, instead of getting a bunch of the EcoBee SmartSensors (aka Lil Bees), I could use the existing Sonoffs and OpenHAB.
Does anyone think this is possible, or currently doing this? (It could just be a crazy idea too)

I do not own any ecobee hardware, but i doubt that it will be possible to use temperature sensors other than ecobee, simply because there is no option to send a temperature.other than set a temperature.

I doubt it’s possible, but - is there some multiple Ecobee sensor functionality you are interested in? Could you can use Openhab rules to simulate that feature?