Create a new Dynamic Icon


How I can create a new dynamic icon? I already have the 4 .png images with the correct name, but I don´t know how to upload the images.

You need to upload your icons to /icons/classic:

thanks, were is that folder? in the main isn´t
one thing more… the icon had to have a specific o recomended size?

It depends on your installation, see my link above for the “Site configuration” :

I would make them the same size as all the others:

I see all that locations, but I only found one location “icons” but there no was any classic carpet and the “icons” carpet was empty

root@homer:/etc/openhab2# more /etc/openhab2/icons/classic/readme.txt
Your additional icons go here.
Icons can be provided as png (32x32) or preferably as svg files.
ClassicUI and BasicUI can be configured to accept svg (default) or png icons.

Check out the openHAB documentation for more details:
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Thank you :smiley:

@luisrival please also read up on these documentation sections on icons:

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(time to PR this ----- into a new docs entry :))

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That must have ben my mistake long ago -.-

What do you mean? I’ve just recently cleaned up the docs page on icons: Why link the wiki :sweat_smile:

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oh! ok.
Then we need either a redirect to that docs section or a modification to the /etc/openhab2/icons/classic/readme.txt link.

I’m on the go. Could you do that?

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