[?] Create a rollershutter item for a non rollershutter device

I have an awning in my back yard for shade.
It uses an RF remote to open and close.
I have setup the Broadlink binding with an RM PRO to control it - working fine.

I want to create a virtual item of type rollershutter in order to control it like a regular rollershutter.

I know how to do it with a rule, but can I do it without one?

Something like the ON/OFF switch that I have for for my LAN relay board (using HTTP binding) but with UP/DOWN command using the Broadlink Binding?

Switch Relay1 "Relay1 - Irrigation - Sprinklers - West"  (g_MKTronicRelayAll)                    { http=">[ON:POST:http://admin:admin@] >[OFF:POST:http://admin:admin@]" }

Only if the Broadlink Binding supports binding with or linking a Channel to a Rollershutter Item type. It will say so in the binding’s README. I don’t know this binding but if it is a 2.x version binding, then when you look at the Thing in PaperUI, it will say what the Item type needs to be used to link to that Channel.