Create a simple Thermostat Widget in OH3

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Dear all,

I want to have a widget that shows current temperature, the current temperature trendline and also the humidity on the widget. This can be done by the cell widget. Now on click (action), I want to have a knob (or slider) to set the temperature.

So basically, the standard widgets are there, but how can I connect their abilities to realize that?

Alternatively, I could use the community widget developed by @RGroll here , but also there, I am a bit lost.

Thanks for pointing me the right direction!

Hey Tobias, i gutes the Cell Widget part can be done without touching the YAML.
I would display the temperature and the humidity in the footer.

To open the knob or slider widget, i would create that under developer => Widgets. After you created it there you cans imply select it in the OH-Cell widget as unlock pop-up action.

I have a widget displaying the trend line, current temperature and Humidity and when i click on it, i get the weather forecast for the next 12h/3days.

component: oh-label-cell
  header: Temperatur
  title: City
  item: LocalWeatherAndForecast_Aussentemperatur
  trendItem: LocalWeatherAndForecast_Aussentemperatur
  action: popup
  actionModal: widget:weather_oneCall
    sunIndicator: true
    dateFormat: true
    wordingForecastHours: -Stunden Vorhersage
    wordingForecastDays: -Tage Vorhersage
    wordingNow: Jetzt
    wordingToday: Heute
    wordingSunrise: Sonnenaufgang um
    wordingSunset: Sonnenuntergang
    localSightImg: city.svg
    globalBackgroundDayImg: skyline_day.svg
    globalBackgroundNightImg: skyline_night.svg
  icon: f7:cloud
  footer: =items.city_Luftfeuchtigkeit.state
  expandable: false

Thank you!

How to “create” that knob widget in the developer section? Can I copy the oh-knob source code from somewhere? Or how would that work?

I gutes you have already created it on some overview page.
Than you could copy the YAML Code and insert it in the widget section.
But there you have to give it a UID. the code would look like this:

uid: widget-name
component: oh-knob-cell

Okay… that seems to work. Is there a way to immediately open the knob from the “thermostat-card” itself?

Currently, first the knob-cell widget opens with an knob-cell card, then I I havo to click this card to get the knob (standard behaviour of knob cell)…