Create automated project documentation as PDF

Hello guys,

is there already an Add-on or tool available which creates a PDF as a project documentation?
I think about listing all bindungs, add-ons, things, items, sitemaps, rules etc. including the code and if possible the interfaces and relationships.


That Could be a helpfull .

Such a tool should be possible using the REST API. But I am not aware of any such tool. If someone were to build such a tool, I would recommend not limiting it to PDF. Most such tools I’ve seen use HTML instead and if you need a PDF you can just print it to PDF from your browser.

My best documentation source is the github repo

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I think OP is looking to generate documentation for their own configuration, not necessarily the source code of OH itself.

I mean that I have a repo reflecting all the configuration of my production server. So everything needed to restart from scratch is in it. I find this being the easier way to track and command configuration of the whole system - extensively (as much as possible) using comments to myself in the various files.