Create "cron-like" timers

I’m looking for a cron-like timer-solution, that i can activate once for certain points the current day.

Let’s say I want to “manually” start a device based on a timer or alarm clock or whatever you call it:

  1. I define a specific time (e.g. 15:00h that day)
  2. on that specific time I want an item to change into a specific state
  3. the specific time is then “lost”, until I set it again - perhaps with another time (e.g. 14:15)

I know, I could easily write this in a rule, but then i have to manually edit the rule every time i want to set the timer. I’d like to achieve this with some page, where I can fill in the time (or check it in a time-picker) and at the picked time, the item gets updated with my also filled in value…

You can trigger a rule based on a datetime item and change the item via ui

oh. that was easy! :wink:
didn’t see it before, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for, thanks.

If you didn’t want to have the time “lost” use the “time only” property of the Time is <Item> rule trigger. Then the rule will only look at the time portion of the DateTime Item and trigger every day. To meet your current requirement do not use the “time only” property and the rule will only trigger that one time on that one day until the Item is updated with a new DateTime.

If you want to be tidy and reset the Item anyway, use Expire with a time of like 24 hours or reset it in the rule that triggers. But that’s not necessary.

The Time is <item> trigger is one of those super useful but not well advertised new features of OH introduced in OH 3.?. I love seeing it pointed out as an option. It makes this sort of thing really easy.

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