Create Data Source


I have an Raspi with OpenHABian and have installed the influxdb and grafana via the controll panel.
The DB works fine, but I can’t create a data source bei grafana.

I use the article:

-> “Logged in to the Grafana dashboard, go to “Data Sources” and create a new source pointing to your InfluxDB database, providing the credentials you chose earlier.”
But I can’t find a link nemed “Data Sources”:

Thank you for a hint!

Hit the grafana icon in the upper left corner to bring up the side bar. Here you can choose settings to add the data source


I can’t see a settings icon:

Create a new dashboard, add a graph and select data source:

In the sidebar the second icon counted from bottom indicates that you are not logged in. Click this icon and log into grafana with your admin account. After this you should get the settings icon and can add data source.