Create dummy ZWave Node

I was wondering if its possible to create a dummy node in a zwave network so one can associate a switch to it and create rules that make use of this nodes/switches.
Some devices like:
Don’t send state changes or commands (ON,OFF, dim level etc) them selves, they can only be associated with other nodes (Switches and Dimmers)
With help of this dummy node these devices would be able useful in much more use cases.

@chris, could this be possible?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking to do, but no, you can’t do this.

However, I think all you really need is to create some items - the items don’t need to be linked to a physical device, so you can create an item that is used for sending switch commands etc for rules or UI.

Or, maybe I don’t understand what you want to do…

I will try to explain a bit better :blush:

I want to be able to use the switch device i linked above to trigger rules in openhab2.
The switch does not send messages itself, it can only be associated with a other zwave-device.
Zo was thinking, maybe a dummy node can be made to which i can associate the switch-device and then with OH2 read the state of the dummy device.
Maybe you got some thought on how to do this :slight_smile: ?

Ok, so it’s what I said above then. You don’t need to generate a node - a node is a thing and you don’t interact with a thing. You are only interacting with items…

So, just create an item and you can use this to link to rules etc.

Ok, i understand, what i can’t wrap my head around is how do i tell or let OH2 know that the button on the device is pressed?
When i press the button on the device the log doesn’t show anything, the switch i implemented in the device template of your database is being used so it seems…
Sorry for not understanding :blush:

Well, there is no device - only the UI right? So you can update it through the UI, or rules - just the same as any other item.

Now I’m confused - there is no physical device - at least that’s what I thought :confused: - so I don’t know what button you’re pressing.

yes there is a physical device, this one:
I want to make it so that when pressing a button on that device, a rule in OH2 gets executed :slight_smile: :wink:

Ok, I misunderstood. I thought by dummy device you meant it was a virtual device.

So this is just a normal device then - nothing “dummy” about it. You just install it like a normal device and use it like a normal device - I’m not sure what the question is? If you want to run a rule, then just trigger off the item change of state.

That is just the problem :slight_smile: this device has no change of state! It can ONLY be assosiated with another switch or dimmer.

You should be good by linking an item to the switch_binary command class, when pressing the button you will get an ON or OFF from your item and you can use that in your rules.

Switch WallController "WallController" { channel="zwave:device:12345678910:nodeXX:switch_binary" }

rule "test"
	Item WallController changed
	if (WallController.state==ON) {
	//do stuff
	else if (WallController.state==OFF) {
	//do other stuff

How can that be? If nothing changes state, then it’s a useless device. Normally, there is a switch in a device - this switch will send a command to the controller when you click it, and normally there’s an item associated with this. You can then simply trigger a rule off this item state change.

Maybe you mean there’s no load (eg light) connected to the switch - but it still must change state or send a message to the controller if you associate it with the controller.

Aha, never thought of that. ATM I am trying to associate the controller and node 24 (switch) from habmin, but it fails for some reason, will investigate and report back. Habmin shows it’s associated but when i press the switch the associated switch isn’t responding, nor is there a action to the controlller in the log

Interesting to read this exchange as I have the same problem, only with another device:

Have you ever gotten around to solve your problem? I guess I’m just not thinking “Z-Wavy”-enough. But the real issue I have is that the thing doesn’t have any meaningful channels…

It has a channel scene_number.
On every press of any button it will generate different scene numbers (just guessing, I don’t have that device, but that is how other zwave devices work) which you can trigger on in rules.
So press the buttons, take a look in your events.log and you should see something like:

2018-04-09 08:04:29.169 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FibFGR222_Kitchen_East_Scene changed from NULL to 16

then trigger on

Item FibFGR222_Kitchen_East_Scene received update 16

and generate the commands you need (or switch a virtual proxy item …)

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Unfortunately, scene_number does not trigger anything and there’s nothing in the manual about activating scene functionality…

The FHEM guys seem to have gotten it to work, but I’m not yet savy enough to adapt the stuff they found out to OpenHAB or the Zwave DB:,72330.msg639825.html#msg639825

What about the switch_binary?
Are you sure your device is properly initialized? Battery devices take some time and need to be woken up several times …

Initialization used to be an issue so I’m pretty sure I’m fine now. Also, in the linked fhem thread, they complain about missing documentation on how to activate scene functionality.

The switch_binary has just been added by me, as I was also the one who initially submitted the device to the DB some weeks ago :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way because of the 4 separate association groups…