Create my own smart meter


I am looking for a way to develop my own smart meter
I would like to measure the Main circuit and the sub circuits (bedrooms, kitchen).
I did some research and I found these Raspberry Pi add-ons.

Raspberry Pi smart meter

Anyone know this add-ons.

They show a lack of information and require an email address to download the manual. I am very skeptical. This could be a scam.

I already put some questions by email to the company and they answer.
I didn’t get the impression that it’s a scam.
I would like to have an opinion of someone who has used it.

Self promotion me thinks? Joined 6 hours ago and posts a link to a product.

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I am starting in this field and this project is interesting to me.

I found more information about this add-on.

[](http://Raspberry PI Add-on)

It would be easy to integrate into OpenHab?